Tips For The Perfect Winter Open House

During the winter months, it may be hard to ready your home for an open house, but these tips can help buyers see past the snow and dream big.

• Access to your front door must be easy. Clear all snow and ice from the driveway, front walk, porch and any paths around the house and backyard.

• Decide how to manage coats and boots so as not to distract from your entryway’s first impression. Put out a freshly washed or new rug and keep a spare tucked away, as a backup.

• Fill your home with bright and warm light, creating a cozy contrast to the cold outside.

• Find the perfect temperature. Keep in mind the door is going to open and close throughout the day.

• Showcase summer photos. If you have a photo of your backyard in full bloom, blow up a copy and display it by the backdoor.

• Create a welcoming and relaxing first impression with light aromas. Brew coffee, warm a pie in the oven or light a mild-scented candle. The rule is to keep fragrances very light to not overwhelm scent-sensitive buyers.

• Resist the holidays. Holiday decorations act as clutter hiding your home’s potential, and nothing can make a room look smaller than a Christmas tree and gift-wrapped boxes. If you cannot resist, a small ornament on the hearth or another small nod to the holiday your family celebrates can add charm without taking over.